‘Our baby eats better than we do’! Family meals featuring Cayman ingredients

Family Meals

‘Our baby eats better than we do‘ was a recent comment from one of our happy customers who regularly purchases our baby food. It’s always the way, isn’t it? Baby is getting plenty of fruits, veggies and nutrients while parents and carers grab a snack here, a take out there!

The advice from our resident feeding expert, Rachel, is ‘eating with your baby is a great habit to start early so they learn from your experiences and role modeling‘. With this in mind, we took some of the Tiny Spoons’ best sellers and turned them into meals for the whole family!

Cayman best sellers into family meals

Since early feeding habits are important for developing a positive relationship with food and maintaining a balanced diet for years to come it is important that baby sees you eating the same food as them. Our family meals are a souped-up version of the exact same meals your little one is eating!

We take giant pasta shells, aka Conchiglie, and stuff with a handmade blend of ricotta, spinach and garlic in our Spinach & Ricotta Shells with Hero Sauce. Then we bake in our delicious veggie-packed Hero Sauce so you can be sure you’re getting your five-a-day! This family dinner is teeming with Cayman-grown vegetables and will be a hit with Tiny and Big spoons alike.

Our turkey meatballs are a hit with everyone – so we have added them to our Meatball & Blackbean Chilli which the whole family will love. We lightly spice with smoked paprika and chilli powder and love to serve over rice or a baked potato.

Mac n Cheese is a family staple but ours is different- we use butternut squash and Cayman grown pumpkin in our creamy cheesy sauce. Our family version Squash Mac n Cheese with Smokies Bacon comes served over macaroni and we mix in Chef Sara Doak’s Cayman smoked bacon. YUM!

How to order and eat

Simply order and pay online, and we’ll do the rest, we’ll even deliver to your door. Just place your meals in the fridge or freezer and follow the reheating instructions on every box. You can even cook straight from frozen for extra ease!