Questions about our products? Help choosing the best baby food in the Cayman Islands!

We often get asked which of our baby food products would best suit your little one. We know every baby is ready for new textures at different times but, to make it easier, all of our meals are suitable from 6 months and safe if your child does not struggle with the texture.

Here’s the run down on our baby meals and the recommended ages!

Smooth Meals, click for more…

Our 2-3oz smoothest puree, single ingredients, perfect for beginning your Tiny Spoon’s solids journey if you are following a texture progression. Traditionally this would be known as ‘stage 1’ and suitable for 4 to 6 months.

Chunky Meals, click for more…

This coarser texture in 3oz is perfect for expanding the weaning journey. We steam and portion Cayman fruits and vegetables in this ‘stage 2’ thicker consistency which would suit little ones aged 6-9 months.

Multi Meals, click for more…

These 4oz meals feature a thicker texture and whole pieces of soft food perfect for grasping by tiny fingers. Perfect for little ones 10-12 months or in ‘stage 3’. All of these meals may be pureed, mashed or left whole depending on how you would like to serve.

Snacks, click for more…

We create nutrient dense bites designed to develop your little ones fine motor skills. From Blueberry Muffins to PB & Banana Finger Bites they also come in a variety of textures to expand the palate.

Smoothies, click for more…

Our 4oz smoothies are the perfect way to serve fruits and veggies in the form of a drink or a bowl and we heat treat the handmade coconut and oat milk they contain as an additional safety measure. We recommend introducing the pureed texture from 6 months as a smoothie bowl or in a cup once baby is able to drink from a cup on their own.

Portion size & consistency

Our range of 2-4oz portions are nutritionist approved so we are sure to have something to suit your little one’s solids journey. All of our ingredients have been carefully selected with a nutritionist and can be served on their own or mixed with other Tiny Spoons product to create your own recipe. Or why not incorporate into your own home-cooked recipe for a nutritional boost to meals.

With nothing added to our blends the consistency may seem a little thicker than store bought options. Add a little water, breast milk or formula if you wish to create the desired consistency for your baby.