Exciting winter harvest news! Cayman ingredients which feature in baby food & meals

With the change in season, we are seeing new crops from our farmers which feature in our meals and snacks. If you ordered our Green Bundle recently then you will be enjoying locally grown broccoli and tatsoi grown by Farmer Patrick Panton. Tatsoi is a brassica with leaves shaped like a spoon, a buttery texture, and a slightly sweet flavour.

Unfazed by the seasons, we took a trip to Primitive Greens to check out their hydroponic container garden. Their pesticide and herbicide-free carrots made it into our 10 veggie Hero Sauce! Their state-of-the-art indoor controlled environment is tucked down an unassuming street off East Arterial Road and has no exposure to pests or outside environmental factors.

The owners believe this method of container farming may be the future and the modern ecosystem is managed from their phones and laptops. Using an infrared spectrum and self watering system the farm is able to grow more in less space and we all know how scarce space is here! With food security being a global issue we love what Codi and team are planning which includes additional containers and floating solar power. You can try Primitive’s carrots in our Hero Sauce or purchase their salad leaves in Fosters and Kirks.

We also took delivery of tree-ripened bananas this week from Farmers Wilbur and Colleen – they made it into our no added sugarBanana & Blueberry Muffins and Green Dream smoothies! You can also enjoy their produce at home by ordering weekly veg boxes from them atSunsweet Farms.