Green Dream Smoothie


Packed with polyphenols and vitamin K – nutrients to promote healthy bones, blood and cell function. These juicy 4oz smoothies contains fibre and beta carotine-packed mangoes and what’s more, it’s GREEN! And we know that the more that a child is exposed to vegetables and greens in their food, the more likely it is that they will eat them later on!

Product details

Product contains:

Banana, spinach, mango, oats

Our smoothest meal conveniently portioned in 2-4oz servings. Nutritionist approved, this is the perfect portion and blend to begin your Tiny Spoon’s solids journey. Traditionally this would be known as ‘stage 1’ suitable for 4 to 6 months.

We keep this collection really simple as your Tiny Spoon’s palate expands, some ways to enjoy them are:

  • serve on their own as you introduce new flavors
  • mix a few blends together to create your own favorite recipe
  • incorporate into one of your home-cooked recipes for a nutritional boost to meals

With nothing added to our blends the consistency may seem a little thicker than store bought options. Add a little water, breast milk or formula if you wish to create the desired consistency for your baby.

Cooking instructions

You can thaw our blends in the refrigerator, in a cold water bath, or in the microwave.

When defrosting in the refrigerator your food can stay refrigerated up to 24 hours before being eaten or reheated.

To release our pods from the cup, place your warm hands around the side or defrost in a cold water bath until loose, heat in a microwave-safe bowl or on the stove. Store any leftovers in the fridge for 24 hours.

To defrost our pods in a water bath, submerge in a bowl or baking dish filled with cold water and change the water every 30 minutes. Once defrosted, reheat or eat immediately.