PB & Banana Finger Bake


With peanut butter, Cayman-grown bananas, and locally laid eggs these soft, finger-shaped baked treats are the perfect Sleeping Cutie-approved sleep time snack! All 3 key ingredients contain the amino acid tryptophan, which the body needs to make serotonin and melatonin. We love to serve with yoghurt or alongside one of our simple blends. They even make a nice soother, straight from the freezer!

Product details

Product contains:

Banana, egg, unsalted natural peanut butter, cinnamon, oats

Cooking instructions

You can thaw our snacks in the refrigerator, in a cold water bath, or in the microwave.

When defrosting in the refrigerator your food can stay refrigerated up to 24 hours before being eaten or reheated. Heat in a microwave-safe bowl.